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KDL Products is a Australian manufacturer and distributor for a range of waste containers, innovative waste education programs and hygiene accessories for the domestic, commercial and health care waste industries world- wide. 

Our products and services offer advanced solutions for hands free containerisation, minimisation, segregation and education of all waste streams. 

General waste, clinical waste, cytotoxic waste and recycable waste

Health Care Pedal Bin waste segregation system

Our product Pedal Post is Australia's most popular and reliable pedal bin system for the Health Care industry, thousands of users cannot be wrong.

Our Pedal Post dedicated hands free waste container system is crucial not only to address infection control issues and to ensure the safety of those who handle the waste, but also to allow the correct segregation of waste types at the point of generation.

Pedal Post is the No 1 prefered container system throughout the medical and associated industries. Hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, doctor and dentist surgeries etc.

Waste Education Programs

Our initiatives for your upcoming waste education programs have applications for use in all domestic and commercial waste education strategies.

Innovative Slogan or Catch Phrase...

Know which bin to throw it in!

Gold Cost City Council and QLD Health Hospitals are utilising this slogan to create new and innovative waste educational programs. Know which bin to throw it in! is the new catch phrase associated with waste segregation, minimisation and recycling.


KDL Clinical Waste Poster

Mobile waste education displays

Mobile Display - Clinical

Waste Education dot com We offer a new innovation "Online waste education and training"


Wheeled Waste Containers

KDL Products provides a wide range of wheelie bins and 4 wheeled containers at competitive prices.

Wheeled Waste Containers
Wheeled Waste Containers

Contact us for information on a wide range of bins and containers available to address your needs.

Accessories for Wheelie bins

WHEELIE GO ROUND is a rotational base unit for wheelie bins. A lazy susan or carousel for your bin just unpack and place where required - no assembly needed

Accessories for Wheelie bins

Foot Pedals for Wheelie Bins

Foot pedal lid-lifting device that easily attached to new or existing wheelie bins. You simply depress the foot pedal and the lid opens, leaving your hands free and clean, and alleviating the need for unnecessary bending and lifting.

Foot Pedals for Wheelie Bins120 Ltr Wheelie Bin

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