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Online Waste Education

You will achieve through the use of our education programs conservation of our natural resources and to deal with waste in an environmentally friendly manner, by providing seamless recognised waste education platforms, that educate and provide benefits for the all consumers.

KDL Products presents on-line education and training


What is Waste Education dot com

For the workplace educators we offer a new evolution for your education and training programs, that will provide real time savings and cost savings by implementing staff education and training online.

Our education and training service allows workplaces of all sizes to create, offer, and manage online Education and Training.

The system is hosted (accessed via the Internet) so there is no need for expensive hardware or an IT department. Regardless of your education and training goals, our system provides all the tools necessary to create courses, manage enrollment and run reports.

Instructors can easily add content to courses and arrange it in an appropriate manner. Learners access courses via the Internet so they can train in remote locations or on their own time.

Our flexible education and training modules will provide for you, relevant questionnaires and online reports for future staff training and development

How it works

Waste Education dot com creates your own specific workplace homepage on our online portal
We assist you in building and customising your education and training modules quickly and effectively.

Modules are designed for the specific workplace and we uploaded them, ready for learners to access them via our online portal.

When the modules are ready to be opened to students, we manage course availability dates and we assist in sending enrollment invitations.
Certificates can be made available to students who complete the passing requirements.

Add to your student's e-Learning experience with a variety of communication and reference tools. Course material can be supplemented with additional educational and training resources

The results from the education and training modules can be used to segment the user base and organize reports. Reports are easy to access and customizable and easily exported To view our online education and training just log onto or contact us for more information or to arrange a quotation to use this service.


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