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Know which bin to throw it in!

Staff Education and Training for the Health Care Industry.

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Mobile Waste Education Displays

Our "Know which bin to throw it in!" clinical waste education program will encourage staff to reduce the amount of non-compliance disposal, thus reducing costs, less waste to incineration or autoclave plants and the right kind of waste to land fill or recycling plants.


Example of Posters


Know which bin to throw it in!


Know which bin to throw it in!

Our Know which bin to throw it in! posters are currently in use by numerous Health Care Facilitys. The poster can be of a generic nature or provide specific details to suit individual Health Care Facilitys needs or requirements.

In conjunction with KDL Products, the waste managers or waste coordinators formulate the details for the posters.

We provide a template via email; the waste managers or coordinators can change any items on the template to suit their specific needs or requirements. The template is emailed back to us and we will implement the changes and sent back a proof copy for their approval.

The posters are full colour and laminated.

Sizes available: A4, A3.

Example of Promotional Displays

Mobile Displays - Clinical Mobile Displays - General
Mobile Display - Clinical Mobile Display - General


Our Know which bin to throw it in! Mobile waste education promotional displays, promote waste segregation by displaying the different types and colour codes for waste containers within a facility.

Also displayed on these units are the posters and signage that are currently in use at the facility. The contents on the display stands are designed to suit your specific needs and requirements within your facility. For ease of mobility they are fitted with castors.

Size: 1750mm high and 610mm wide.

Typical usage is they are placed on display at ward level, training rooms, workplace induction meeting, ect. Other areas for placement are in the foyer, or the canteen of the hospital for staff, visitors or patients to see.

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