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Wheelie Go Round, the inside story

Once you have used Wheelie Go Round, you will never be
without it.


This revolutionary "green innovation" from KDL Products enables consumers to manoeuvre their existing wheelie bins in a safe, convenient and hygienic manner.


  • National Finalist in the Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grants Awards 2003.
  • National Finalist Invention of the year 2004

The development of Wheelie Go Round is proudly supported by

  • Environmental Protection Agency Queensland (Grant funding)
  • State Development Department Queensland.
  • Austrade. (Export Development).
  • Commerce Queensland (Export Development).
Queensland Government | Environmental Protection Agency National Finalist | Business Ideas Grants 2003

WHEELIE GO ROUND is a rotational base unit for wheelie bins. Now you can turn your wheelie bin around with ease. Just unpack and place where required – no assembly needed.

Consumer Benefits

No more struggling to turn around the bin
No fitting to the wheelie bin
No assembly required
Just unpack and place where required

Environmental Benefits

Made out of recycled plastic
Reduces waste to waste to land-fill
450 Units = 1 Tonne of recycled plastic

Supplier Attributes

A world first concept for wheelie bins
The product is a global retail consumer item
Applications in an industrial environment
Stacks flat for easy shipping and handling

Now you can park your wheelie bin against a wall or in a confined space, and turn the bin around for easy waste disposal.

In confined spaces it is difficult to turn the wheelie bin around, even on smooth surfaces. Wheelie Go Round provides a safe, easy and convenient way to turn the bin around.

When the bin is full and heavy, and it is time to place the bin out for emptying, just rotate the bin with the aid of Wheelie Go Round, and the rear handles are now facing you. The unique tilting action allows for easy removal of the bin. Now you can wheel the bin off the unit in a safe, easy and convenient manner.

Safe, Easy and Convenient

Social and Environmental Benefits

Manufactured out of a recycled plastic

A new product designed to assist in expanding existing resource recovery sustainable industry's, through the manufacture of an innovative new product for wheelie bins.

Wheelie Go Round will provide benefits towards a cleaner and safer environment, educating the consumer that there are products designed to benefit them and the environment, manufactured from their recyclable plastic waste.

Wheelie Go Round will reduce plastic waste to land fill.

Production of the Wheelie Go Round utilising 100% recycled plastic for the main
components will consume 2.2 kg of plastic per unit.

454 Wheelie Go Rounds equates to 1 tonne of recycled plastic.

It is conservatively estimated that 1% of the wheelie bin market in Australia will consume 250,000 kg of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic annually, which would have otherwise been destined to landfill.

Wheelie Bin
Cleaning Products

Typical items utilised in the manufacture of Wheelie Go Round, recycled HDPE wheelie bins and plastic containers.

The design of the product and the packaging allows for easy postage, shipping, storage and handling.

Stacks flat for easy shipping and handling
Each unit is individually packaged
7 units into a outer carton
56 units per pallet

Wheelie Go Round

Product testing and evaluation of different plastics

Bins used in trials were Sulo and Nylex 240 Litre

Trailed different types of plastic including
Recycled HDPE
Recycled Polypropylene
Recycled ABS
A mixture of virgin and recycled Plastic

After testing of all the different plastic, we concluded that recycled HDPE was the material that would be used for the final product.

Testing of product, we commissioned two different tests of the product utilizing recycled HDPE

  1. First test of product was for flexural strength; this test was carried out with two samples of the product, placed under a Sulo and Nylex bin in the normal position. Both samples were loaded with 95 KGS of weight, for a period of 7 days. Second test was for heat deflection, this was carried out by placing two samples of the product with bins as in normal use in a heat chamber, loaded with 55 KGS of weight and at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for five hours

These test were carried out to see if there was any variation or stress to the product. Bin manufacturers utilize similar tests, but at lighter loads and temperature to qualify their bins for the European standards.

Results of testing

Recycled HDPE is the preferred plastic for the product, there was minimal flexural or heat deflection movement in both tests and the samples functionality preformed as it was designed to do.

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